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                          MonsterCreators : Rebirth

    MonsterCreators was born in 2008 created by Joshua James Smith, specializing mainly in sci-                fi/fantasy genres. In late 2009, MonsterCreators went into hibernation to revise and is now                        reborn, offering many customizable costumes, props, paintings, drawings, sculptures, 3D                            animation, web design & commissions in all genres using any medium available.  

      Joshua James Smith has been enjoying & creating art his entire life. In 2005 he earned an art scholarship for The Art Institute in Dallas, TX and received his certificate in fashion design & robotics. In 2007 he attended Vatterot College in Tulsa, OK for his Associates in 3D animation, gaming & web design. He continued his ventures by attending Rogers State University in Claremore, Ok and received his Bachelor Major in Studio Arts and minor in business in 2011. He now uses his education and knowledge in order to create original & fantastic works of art straight from his unique imagination as well as the ability to bring others ideas to life. Visit his website to see his items for sale or send in your ideas to be customized. 
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